Sunday, July 06, 2008

Last Day of Laziness

So, after a solid week's worth of playing or watching someone else play Lego Star Wars virtually non-stop, this has taken up what I can only fear is to be permanent residence in my brain.

Sigh. Han Solo is still quite fanciable. And one has to wonder how on earth a woman could run around blasting Imperial soldiers, slopping through garbage, swinging across chasms and fighting for her life and the freedom of her people with hardly a hair of such an elaborate coiffure out of place?

Redheaded Snippet and Man-Cub completed all levels of the story version last night. But that doesn't mean they've exhausted the game's resources, oh no. Those clever Lego and LucasArts people are no dummies. They've packed this game chock-full of satisfactifying fun. Right now my happy, rabid children are stomping, slashing and blasting their way through Lego Land trying to collect ONE MILLION studs (that's Lego money for you unititiated readers) because something is supposed to happen when you do that. They don't know what it is, exactly, but it is sure to be spectacular.

Otherwise, things are splendidly low-key as per usual. Today, my major accomplishments were taking a shower, washing and drying a load of laundry and baking a batch of scones. But, as today is my last day of idling about with little to no responsibility, I've got to put in a few hours tonight getting ready for the week ahead. After dinner, I must go through the week's coupons, make up the week's menu and grocery list and get caught up with laundry. Redheaded Snippet has hockey camp this week, which means I have to have her up at the high school at 9:00 each morning. That will force us to return to a more normal schedule, which I'm fine with after the week I've spent indulging my idleness. Tomorrow is going to be a bear, though.

Right, then, it's back to reality for me. Back to the daily grind.

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