Sunday, June 22, 2008

Day Two of Summer Vacation...

...and we've already come to blows.
I'm just adding this entry to drive Redheaded Snippet crazy. She's sitting next to me, asking me every 9 seconds if I'm finished yet. I wasn't going to update just now, preferring to wait until later, like after I've drugged the children and bungeed them to their beds and can snuggle up on the couch with the laptop, a pot of tea and the latest episode of Mystery! on PBS, but she's getting just a touch...oppressive. So, I'm making her suffer a little by blogging right in front of her. I really wish you could hear her sighing. She is quite gifted at it. And I am rather gifted at being passive-aggressive, no?

Well. Things have taken an ugly turn. First she violated my personal space most grievously by leaning on my arm in such a way as to prevent me from typing correctly without great effort and then violently wrenched my wrist in an effort to render one of my typing hands immobile. This will never do. Where's that cattle prod?

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