Saturday, December 29, 2007

Coming Up For Air


**Well, that is a bit of a load of crap, but I did edit, adding captions to some pics to prevent rioting in the streets due to the confusion. Just scroll down if it means enough to you.**

Just popping in for a moment for a quick chat. I'll make this short as I really don't want to take much time away from my glorious whirlwind of Holiday activities. You know, benefit galas, charity dinners, ship christenings, film festivals, amnesty tours, the usual.

I am a little tired.

But seriously? I've been spending my days with my sweat pant- or pajama-clad bottom making a nice, permanent dent in the recliner while laughing and talking with my sisters, holding my niece, and playing video games. Oh, and taking breaks to eat obscene amounts of Holiday treats. Lots of treats. By last night we all were literally craving a large, multi-colored, many-vegetabled salad. That should tell you something.

Sisters are in town with a niece and two large dogs the size of small horses in tow. My house is full and messy beyond comprehension, but we are having the best time ever. We got the kids a Wii so, of course, the adults have been spending every available moment playing with it and making the kids sulk in the corners. We've been up way too late way too many nights, talking and laughing, playing board games and gazing at our Magic Baby.

Have I mentioned the Magic Baby, more commonly known to you all as Baby Bee? She is magic, no doubt about it. She is sweet and lovely all the dang time. And she's beautiful. Seriously. Seriously beautiful. Look, I'll show you:

It's a little grainy, I know, but she's still beautiful. All we do all day (when not playing the Wii or stuffing our faces with pie, cookies, candy and the like) is look at her and laugh at her.

So, we only have 4 more days with my sisters and niece so I need to get back. I am hoping to record a lot more Christmas memories once we're into the New Year, but for now, just a few highlights, the explanations for which will have to wait until later.

Red Headed Snippet and The Viking in costume for the Christmas play at church. Did I mention the Christmas play at church? My Snippet played Allie the Alley Cat and The Viking played Grandpa Tom, the wise, old benevolent cat who shows wise-cracking, street-wise Allie the error of her mouse-chasing ways. And also fills her in on the real meaning of Christmas. The play was cute and my lovelies did a fine job. I thought my Viking looked so sweet with his rosy cheeks and whiskers, too!

All spiffed up for the Christmas Eve service. Or was this Christmas Sunday? I really can't remember as they wore the same clothes both times. Either way, they looked quite dashing, don't you think?

Magic Baby Bee looking a little drunk on Christmas morning. This is exactly how her mother, Dharma, looked in 90% of all pictures taken of her during her childhood so it's only fitting.

Look at him all shiny with anticipation. He has no idea it's just a suitcase, poor thing. I really should have put it in a smaller box to keep him from getting too excited. But he handled it pretty well and actually seems to think it's cool.

It's all about the right shades, baby.

This one was more exciting: a tabletop pinball machine he asked Santa for. He likes it a lot.

Santa was kind to Red Headed Snippet, too, bringing her a new field hockey stick bag. It has lots and lots of useful pockets and hopefully will prevent me having to run up to the practice field with forgotten cleats, shin guards, mouth guards and shorts 3 days in any given week. So, really, it's more of a gift for me.

And, because there just can't be too many pictures of the Sweetest Baby On Earth, another one of Baby Bee, "opening" her Christmas ornament. Of course you know Dharma opened it and Baby Bee just tried very earnestly to eat the paper. Which was also cute.

So there you have it.

Until next time, Happy New Year to one and all.

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