Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Fruitcakes

Well, we are slowly but surely getting ourselves ready for Christmas. And I am slowly but surely losing my dang mind.

Two weeks until Christmas, folks. That's right, 14 short, little days. I just don't think I can stand it. There is just so much to do.

Okay, before I lose it and descend into full-blown panic, let's reassess here. I have gotten quite a few things done recently. Sunday, I managed to track down what I wanted to by for Daria (I'd been searching for weeks) and ordered it online. Then I spent the rest of the day shopping with Mom. I found these great boxes to serve as both gift wrapping and gift supplement to the candles I bought for my in-laws,

this Viking nutcracker for, who else, The Viking,

and this pair of darling black pumps for me!

I also got a gift for Cindy Lou Who (a set of realistically moving and sounding toy kitchen appliances, all pink!), one for our nephew who has everything and is immensely difficult to shop for (a handsome dresser valet), a pair of fleece pj's and slippers for EGOD and another pair of shoes for myself (brown, high-heeled booties) but I couldn't get pics of those. I think I ran out of time or something and just decided to sit down and blog, darn it!

Then, after my triumphant raid on all manner of shopping emporiums, we settled down at home and made a gingerbread tree. No, it's not a house. And, no, it's not homemade. You've probably seen the kits at A.C. Moore and thought, "what kind of poor sap loser would buy such a thing," and now you know. I'm the kind of poor sap loser who buys them.

But, we had fun! Getting the kids to cooperate for pictures wasn't easy, but I got a few presentable ones.

What expresses true Christmas spirit like a headlock?

Why, another headlock, of course (okay, an attempt at a headlock, she's still quite a bit bigger than he, and she is clearly not amused)!

They did manage a cease-fire long enough for me to get a pseudo-nice shot. Don't you just love their pasted-on fake smiles? And Red Headed Snippet's high-as-a-kite eyes? She's just high on Christmas cheer, folks, so don't leave scathing comments or anything.

So, I guess in spite of all I have left to do and all the obligations I have to fulfill, things are still progressing nicely. This week should see the end of all our required parties and, hopefully, this weekend we'll get our tree and put it up and maybe even decorate it! And at some point I intend to get some pics of the outside decorations and the finished inside (The Viking did some nice work and my fears were thankfully unjustified). But no promises. This is the last two weeks before Christmas, after all.

And now, I'm off to bed. I have a new Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine, the last quarter-pint of Dove Unconditional Chocolate ice cream, fresh, clean flannel sheets and a hot-water bottle calling my name!

To all a Good Night.

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