Thursday, June 04, 2015

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real: Untitled Edition

Talk about phoning it in (which, in fact, I am technically doing because I'm blogging using my phone)...

I don't think this post will have much rhyme or reason.  I'm having a rest day today and my medication seems to be making me foggy-headed (it happens sometimes).  But here are some slightly notable things that happen this week:


Fidget was visiting and her luxurious mane of hair was getting in the way of her helping me prep dinner.  So I gave her an "Aunt Pippa" and twisted her hair up with a pen.  This is how I wear my hair when I'm cooking or doing chores, to keep it off my  neck.  But I never look anywhere near as picturesque as sweet, lovely Fidget!


Graduation is upon us.  We have two weeks of school to get through and I'm not entirely sure we'll survive.  I don't know who has Eighth Grade Fever worse: me or him.  But I know several teachers who will be getting generous thank you gifts when is all over!


Our family loves to play Telephone Pictionary.  And this is a small portion of one of Daria's drawings.  Somehow it involved Jesus tickling a saint and I think she captured it with hilarious accuracy.  I told her it would make a great tattoo.


Another game night, Apples to Apples this time.  This is what happens when our family plays.  The word was "refreshing" and these were the choices given.  And two of them were supplied by the young nieces!  We also decided these elects together would make one super duper movie!

That's what I have for this week.  Hope you enjoyed!

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