Monday, August 05, 2013

Winds of Change

If anyone is paying any kind of attention to this poor, neglected blog of mine, they will notice that it's been nearly two months since my last post.  I hate when that happens.  I hate catching up.  It takes all manner of mental gymnastics and emotional calisthenics to find my groove again and I'm usually crippled by the fear of leaving something out and wrecking the nice, delicate order of things.

I do have some slight OCD tendencies.  Actually it's more an issue of perfectionism but that's a tangent we shall not follow today.

So.  Anyway.  There have been changes lately.  And bigger ones on the horizon.

-We have moved.  Into a vicarage (actually, only we and our Anglophile or Anglo-sympathetic friends call it the vicarage.  Everyone else calls it the parsonage).
-The Viking has made a complete career change and is now The Vicar (see note above)--Pastor of Music at our church.
-I am no longer homeschooling Calvin.  He will be attending the local public school come September.
-Redheaded Snippet has turned eighteen, graduated from high school, and is off to university in only one short week, leaving us forever.

Say it with me: WHOA NELLY.

I have been in a certain degree of emotional seclusion.  I tend to withdraw and ruminate when faced with stressful things, even good things.  I don't deal well with change and tend to get broody.  And that's when the blog goes silent.

But I am still here.  And I've been doing LOTS of thinking and praying and soul-searching.  And though I'm not sure, yet, but it's going to look like, I know change is coming, if it's not here already.

So please bear with me, if you're still here.

More to come.  Stay tuned...

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