Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Vicar of Wits' End

So, I've been trying for months now to think of a clever way to make a big announcement. And I've not been able to come up with anything so I've put it off. Plus, we've just been really, really busy around here

But the time has come and I think I'm just going to have to come out and say it.

The Viking is about to start a new job.

Thus, we're moving. And everything is about to change in big, scary ways.

This is not just any job change. He's leaving his corporate job in the city after 17 years to go into full-time ministry. He is going to be the new Pastor of Worship at our church and I am going to be a pastor's wife! It's a very long story, but it is an exciting one full of revelation and epiphany and tears and fears so it's a pity I can't share it with you. BUT. Suffice it to say we have never been more sure of anything in our entire lives. We are learning wonderful lessons in submission, leadership, trust, stewardship, community and obedience and the job hasn't even begun yet!

The job comes with a parsonage, hence the move. We're only going to the next county, about a 30-minute drive away from our current home, but it's still a bit of an uprooting. The children are not happy about having to pack up all their things and leave the only home either of them have known and, I admit, it is going to be hard to leave all our memories behind. But there are so many benefits to the new place God is taking us.

And, truly, the house is adorable (which is really unimportant in light of eternity but it does help to make the move a little less wrenching)! It's a Cape Cod with huge windows, three bedrooms built under the eaves and an extra room on the first floor to be used as a fourth bedroom, office or library. It also has many features we have always wanted, like a fireplace, two full bathrooms, a proper foyer, and a finish-able basement. The church has been fixing it up for us and so we've been choosing paint colors and light fixtures and such.

Meanwhile, we've decided to keep our house and try to rent it out while we live in the parsonage. So to that end, we are doing some fixing up of our own. The bathrooms have always needed to be spruced up and the carpet in the living room is rather shabby so we're taking care of those things. And then just about every surface is going to get a fresh coat of paint and a good scrubbing. And hopefully, this will all come together at the right time and we'll manage to get everything packed up and moved out and no one will have a nervous breakdown!  Do you see how we've been busy?

So, very soon The Viking is about to become The Vicar. And we're leaving our beloved Cottage at Wits' End for the Wits' End Vicarage.  And while it's hard to leave home, we're looking forward to making a new home and new memories in it.

Stay tuned!


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