Monday, May 02, 2011

Back at home

Any guesses where we were?

Now that we've returned and our property is no longer vulnerable to attack, I can share with the world that we decided to use Redheaded Snippet's Spring Break to take our first extended family vacation in probably five years. We all needed it so badly and are realizing that we're running out of opportunities to do so as Redheaded Snippet gets ever precariously closer to graduating from high school.

We threw around a few typical vacation ideas at first: Florida weakly flitted across our radar and we felt we should at least look into it but we came to same conclusion we always come to concerning that idea: too far, too hot, too expensive! NEXT...

D.C.? We stopped overnight in D.C. last summer and took the kids to two of the Smithsonian museums. We all agreed we need to come back for a longer period of time and let the kids see everything! This was what we really thought we were going to do until we both sat bolt upright and said to each other:


What now? What's in Tennessee? Only Dharma, Vance, Fidget and Rosebud, that's what! Why spend a few days running all over seeing monuments and statues and looking at history (all important, don't get me wrong) when we could spend lots more time making history with those who are among the dearest of all to us and who we don't get to see as much because they're so far away?

It was a no-brainer, really.

So, a few phone calls later and our plans were set! Off to Tennessee we went!

We had a fantastic time, but, unfortunately, I've contracted some kind of virus that is making me feverish and itchy all over. So between the fever and the Benadryl, I'm a little loopy. The full-scale vacation report will have to wait.

But I will leave you with this...our trip involved:
1. Historic tornadoes the likes of which have not been seen since The Great Depression
2. A fairy tale wedding (already blogged about that)
3. Ants attack!
4. BBQ! ("Lifts my spirits, I swear it never fails! And the sauce Mama makes just stays there forever if you dare to get it under your nails!" Reference anyone?)
5. One of the nicest hotels I've ever stayed in
6. Immeasurable amounts of hugs, kisses and laughs

And more! Until then...

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