Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Aye, me! Now that I've finished boring you all silly with my trip to England, I'm going to have to work at coming up with something to blog about again. Which gets kind of hard in the dead of winter with nothing going on, not even a good, lovely snowstorm. Sometimes I hate New Jersey. Like every day of winter it doesn't snow, and every day of summer it's humid and sticky and every day at Rush Hour. Maybe we need to move?

Anyway, we've enjoyed a slow weekend so far and are enjoying a lazy Sunday today. We spent the day yesterday helping sell hoagies at the fire station and socializing with the other firefighters and their wives. Not a bad way to pass a Saturday, I must say. And everyone got a delicious hoagie of their own as a reward at the end.

We declared last night to be Family Night and locked ourselves into the house with lots of treats and had tournaments on the Wii. The Viking was Grand Tennis Champion after beating Man-Cub by the smallest of margins in the final match. But Man-Cub got his revenge by rising victorious in the bowling competition. Red Headed Snippet beat me in a boxing match but was then beat in turn by The Viking. And I think it was The Viking again who beat us all in baseball. We all had soda and chips and made cookies and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Oh, and Man-Cub fashioned himself a very stylish hat.

He just walked casually into the room wearing it; I think he had forgotten he had it on.

Once we started howling in laughter he got into the spirit of things and wound up putting about 20 of those darts on it, but the original is still my favorite.

It's bitter cold today with a high of only 24 degrees so we're holing up and drinking lots of hot liquids. At least Man-Cub and I are. Neither The Viking nor Red Headed Snippet can handle sitting still for very long so they are both out doing various things to alleviate their boredom. They're cut from the same cloth, those two. And Man-Cub and I, being cut from another kind of cloth altogether, are quite happily being sedentary, amusing ourselves with the Wii and the computer, respectively. The house is reasonably tidy, laundry is being done as I type and there is no school tomorrow, so I can sit here on my bottom with a clear conscience. Ah, relaxation.

I think I might make sticky toffee pudding tonight. I bought all the ingredients to make it for Christmas, but never got around to it. Sticky toffee pudding is my most favorite dessert in the world! We had it for the first time in a pub in Surrey and it's just about my idea of heaven in a spoon! It's a piercingly cold day, dinner is bangers-n-mash, and I've got nothing else pressing so I think the time is right.

But for now, I think I'm going to make a nice, hot pot of tea and try to finish the puzzle that has completely taken over our dining room table for the past week.

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restyled home said...

Personally, I wasn't a bit bored by the details of your trip! It looks like loads of fun, and that proper English "fry up" reminded me of breakfasts my mum used to make for us as kids!

I hope I get to go myself someday!!