Monday, October 01, 2007

Sure signs of Autumn

The weather around here has been decidedly UNseasonable lately so it's been hard to believe it is actually my favorite time of year: Autumn. But I did some scouting around and was able to find a few signs to hearten myself.

I know it's dark and difficult to see, but these are the leaves that have already fallen in our shared driveway from the neighbor's tulip trees. We don't have any brilliant color around here yet, but I can smell it in the air that it's just around the bend.

Just one glance out the kitchen window reveals this very telling sign of Autumn: the covered, closed-up pool. The Viking closed it last weekend. He and the children were very sad. I was glad because it means SUMMER IS OVER! Say Hello to Nutmeg, sunning herself in the bottom of the pic.

I found these delightful little window clings at Target the other day. They're gooey and gelatinous and I bought two packs of each. They're going up in the kitchen and dining room windows.

And, finally, the surest sign Autumn is not far away, festive, fall-colored M&Ms! In dark chocolate. Haven't been able to capture any of the elusive dark chocolate peanut M&Ms, but I'm still looking.

Well, I must go. I'm actually off to search for more Autumnal decor. After stopping at Dunkin' Donuts for a pumpkin latte first. After stripping the beds, loading the dishwasher and throwing in a load of laundry before that. I'm using that latte as motivation for getting my chores done faster this morning. And, of course, the crispness of the air and brightness of the sun are calling my name, so I may just do a quick cop-out making of the beds. We'll see.

Until next time, when, hopefully, I'll have lots of new Harvesty delights to share!

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Becka said...

Autumn has reached the St Louis area too. We have already had to rake our lawn.