Thursday, July 26, 2007


Remember these?


It seems only four of the eggs hatched; that 5th one must have been a dud. We heard furious peeping upon venturing out to the porch to get the mail one day and were happy to discover the wee things. I tried to get a better, closer pic, but my skillz in photography are far from mad, so this is the best we've got.

I caught Red Headed Snippet sneaking out to the porch for another peek no less than 3 times today. She is trying to catch them with their necks outstretched and beaks open. But so far she has only succeeded in scaring the tail feathers off the Mama and Papa birds. Nature question: do all species of male birds tend faithfully to their young or just some? Because these babies have both Mama and Papa bringing them food and I had never seen that before. Which might simply be because I've never taken an interest in the habits of birds before, but I was just curious. It's very sweet, either way.

I hope these are the kinds of birds that come back year after year once a nest has been successful. I'm thoroughly enjoying sharing my home with them (not like that nasty Starling family we had to evict time and time again--they were dir-tee)!

I think I'll go off and try to find out what kind of bird family we're hosting. I'm guessing finches but I'll let you know when I get the answer. Just try and stay calm until I'm back, okay? I know this is a most riveting business, what kind of birds are they??? America wants to know and I shall not disappoint. Okay, enough, I've irritated myself now. Goodnight.

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Peg-woolinmysoup said...

I love the birds in my garden, but starlings - no - they certainly are noisy and dirt-eee!
I would use the colour of the eggs when searching for the type of bird it might be! Good luck in your search.
We had swallows in a bird house once and our dog made the mistake of barking at one - the rest of her spring/summer was spent being dive bombed!! The dog that is!